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Education & Tech News for Educators 01/27/2009

Impoverishment of the Educational Imagination

"Schools operate by the slogan ‘education!’ while ordinary language asks what children ‘learn’". -Ivan Illich

Teach For America, Awhile: Ivy League Temps and Corporate Missionaries

KIPP and TFA have formed, then, a marriage that is mutually supportive and sustaining, and both organizations are now fed by the same deep institutional revenue streams that flow toward social manipulation, privatization of public spaces, and limitless tax credits. Wendy Kopp, CEO and Founder of TFA, is married, you see, to KIPP’s CEO, Richard Barth.

Intelligence theory stolen by magpie

There is often vast amounts of silent evidence. Vast numbers of factors that have not yet been tested. There is always a black swan looming

What is the most important advice you can give to other teachers?

Once a week for a year, Mr D. is going to share an essential lesson submitted by teachers, for teachers. 52 different "mini-lessons" will answer the question of matter.

University of the People - providing low cost online degree courses worldwide

The University of the People will "open its doors" and plans at this stage to charge only nominal application fee ($15-$50) and examination fees ($10-$100), which will be adjusted on a sliding scale based on the student’s country of origin

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