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How Internet Resources Can Be Effectively And Efficiently Located And Organized

"Asking students to conduct internet searches is like opening the door to let the students out for recess. They go out, all excited and full of energy, but often needing guidance to find appropriate and effective ways to handle the situation. Students leave a structured environment, to one of choices and decisions, and they need coaching to make safe educational gains."

This is a comment left at Learning in Maine from a supposedly teacher, who recognizes we teachers have to 'train' our pupils to learn how to find and organize the internet resources. So we don't get answers when searching the internet like …

"Thinking about using Internet resources in the classroom is like …"
"Asking students to conduct Internet searches is like …"

In order to find relevant information in the internet students first need to learn how to read, and one of the reasons teachers succeed at their environment is that kids read at peace. Remember though, children are made readers on the laps of their parents. So, don't get frustrated whether yours, aren't reading at their level.

Process of learning is not unidirectional, teachers and students need to do their part. We agreed that schoolers need to be trained to grab the gold out of the garbage in the internet, but teachers too, have to give themselves permission to learn from their students.

In other words, we are in support of the idea of encouraging life-long learning in kids by modeling the behavior as faculty. That's the idea of being a Master Learner (listen audio post).

Waiting for further discussion.

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