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IBBA Selects Top 10 Worst Education Blogs

A passive aggressive response to not getting an edublogger award this year. BTW, who that hell is that International Baccalaureate Blogging Association? We do know for sure who is IBBA, though.

Nobody new that was a entertaining and pursuing way of linkbait, until you go to the end of post written by MGuhlin.org. The fine print reads, created with The Newspaper Clipping Generator.

For the list of edubloggers who bite the bait visit MGuhlin.org

Jonathan D. Becker, is explaining all edublog's readers why they should always pay attention to how they handle, Information literacy, Digital literacy and 21st century literacy, as he chooses to put it.

Mike post, teach us "an important lesson about reading the fine print. It also raises issues of authenticity in the digital age," writes PhD Becker. But he share with us another little trick he said learned through Twitter on how easy it is to “fake” or significantly alter images.

Did you show support for MGuhlin? Here we go Miguel.

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