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Experimetal Uses of iPod, May Lift Attention in American K-12 Schools

There is an experimental program being proved at at Shepparton High School in central Victoria, the first in Australia and maybe among the first in the world to use iPod touches in classroom for a global mobile learning project.

Using an online program called Studywiz Mobile, students at Shepparton are able to use the hand-held media players to navigate the internet, download music, do quizzes, research and even submit assignments and collaborate with a school in Singapore, writes Miki Perkins at his DigitalLife column.

What uses of iPod Touch means for Schools in America?

Tim Holt tries to answer this question when annotating his view on this Australian program he says, "There is quite a call for students to be allowed to start using the technology that they are used to and this brings a series of challenges for IT departments. Netbooks, iPod Touches, and other web-enabled devices will begin to strain district IT resources, not to mention filters."

Ric Murry of Why Do You Ask? joins the conversation and stresses that "The beauty of the iPhone/iPod Touch is that one does not need to infrastructure of the school." And parents, as well as teachers are not only blocking uses of these gadgets but they are punishing sons/students for the sin of using mobile communications tools.

Schools, by offering 'appropriate' instruction and net 'citizenship,' could redirect the fear of seeing the bad things back to the rightful authority - the parent/family, finish Ric's comment, left at Intended Consequences, Tim Holt's Blog

LATER: I also found this case of neat use of the iPod Touch in education.

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