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Why Facebook Cannot Be Used by Teachers And Won't Ever Kill Twitter

Both services cater to two different groups of people. Twitter users might be using Facebook, but Facebook users can’t use Twitter without changing their habits. And that, is why Facebook cannot touch Twitter no matter what they try.

We are not sure whether colleges friend Facebook anymore, but we have to accept what people who really understands the inner of this once called by Mike Arrington, Non-Social Network, is writing about the stepping down of Twitter in favor of Facebook, as a social network. Aditya Mukherjee is a student and Facebook's developer who's totally against the beliefs that Facebook any time soon will kill Twitter

Aditya writes a long post explaining his reasons why Nick O’Neill of allfacebook.com is all wrong when he asserts that Facebook could kill Twitter.

Head of Geekaholic says he's feeling just fine without following the "A-list-ers", Even when he disagree with O'Neil he still thinks, "Twitter wouldn’t receive as much buzz if it weren’t for the super users," which of course, doesn't happen with Facebook users. While Facebook users are interacting in real life, Twitter ones are not befriending but following what they consider of similar interest.

This discussion is important for educators because there is a great discussion of whether teachers should befriend students and viceversa. This analysis puts teachers at easy, it clearly shows that Facebook isn't a good tool to take it to school. Twitter is.

Finally, Aditya in the same cited post, writes: "Facebook’s crowd in itself will not understand the value of Twitter simply because they are the more of the usual people, who believe in social interactions based on real life events...Twitter on the other hand is all about communication of thoughts, or if you take their question seriously enough, what the person is doing. It’s much more spontaneous, and easy."

Do you still think Twitter will have to step down to allow Facebook's users take the lead?

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  1. I happen to use both. I use fb more often b/c all of my old friends are on there, but I enjoy Twitter more and communicate w/ friends there just as Aditya said in the final paragraph-she is completely right. Interesting post.

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