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Casting for "The Teacher Salary Project"

The Director and Co-producers of Teacher Salary Project is so excited to invite first-hand stories/ footage filmed by students about their public school teachers and the struggles of being a teacher. They are looking for three magnificent teachers to become the main “characters” in this documentary film. They need public school teachers to help get their students involved. Is important these teachers have already done some work with film or digital storytelling in the classroom. For more details email them to: Casting(at)theTeacherSalaryProject.org

The Teacher Salary Project will be the "only digital archive of the stories of teachers' lives." An the film is based on a book co-authored by Nínive Calegari, Daniel Moulthrop and Dave Eggers under the name of Teachers Have it Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America's Teachers.

Learn who's behind the project and the three ways that you can contribute and support them.

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