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DetentionSlip.org Is "The Perez Hilton of Education News "

How can I've missed this one. Not so late to congratulate Anthony David Adams and Chuck Steinfurth. They have been named TIME's Best Blog.

Running an underground school newspaper in Erie, Pennsylvania is a long way from achieving international media credibility. But that's just what high school buddies Anthony David Adams and Chuck Steinfurth achieved this week, when they were named among the best bloggers in the world by Time Magazine.

Earlier today the pair's irreverent blog, DetentionSlip.org - referred to as the Perez Hilton of education news for its reports on gun-carrying Texas teaches and students handcuffed over skimpy prom dresses - defeated over 200 million blogs around the world to secure a coveted spot on Time's Top 25 Blogs of 2009.

Learn more on the press release.

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