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Gratitude for Extending Education Conversations

Thanks for linking back to Education & TechIt's ok to follow trends and look for some popularity, without being a famous person. This post was inspired by Lidija Davis and Angela Maiers. Lidjia showed us the 8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web and I was quick to use them, and Angela continues to encourage her readers to follow the conversations with her monthly Reflection and Gratitude.

Without further delay, please allow me to thank the following sites and people who have been kind enough to link to us during these last days:

Albine Cavite of Albine's Corner has included our blog in her blogroll what is deeply appreciated. Please, be informed that there are other blogs that have decided to include Education & Tech in their blogrolls, but this section starts just now. Thanks to all them.

Keith Lyons of Clyde Street wrote a whole paragraph making a round up about our posts and saying that indeed we had a very "busy week!"

Tellio a "journeyman curmudgeon" of Tex2All annotated one of our posts, adding "Dump the classroom model entirely." No need to say more.

Vicki Davis of Cool Cat Teacher also annotated one of our posts. She was grateful that more educators were speaking out about Google Lively!

Joseph of Teach Street in reference to a eduConference we attended together, was so kind as to remember our personal name. Don't miss the next online eduConference on February 8, 1:00pm PST under theme: Turning Teachers into Rockstars!

Jenny Mackness of Jenny Connected integrated into her conversation a reference from Stephen Downes, which in turn was commenting on one of our posts. She as much as we, is thanking to those who have encouraged her to keep blogging.

Claudia Pena a long time fellow blogger picks our top 10 extremely cool psych experiments by Mission to Learn. Delighted.

As we said at the beginning, this is the first time we do this. For other conversations please visit our Delicious or simply hit "search" in the Google page.

This is the time to say thank you again and let you know that links are blood to our body when blogging is the subject!

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