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Learning From Atlanta Experiences About Inflating Grades

I want to tell you about a personal story I've lived while working in the classroom. Once, I was handing over the reviewed tests about a subject I was teaching back in the 2003. It happened that most grades were below the 70%. Before I started talking to students about the possible consequences and how to amend them, a young girl raised her hand and asked me: "Mr. are you going to curb? Think, what could it be my answer.

This week I read about a study conducted in Atlanta. What the study says is basically that student can't pass any tests, but they all have awesome grades on their report cards. Yes, schools are inflating grades (curbing grades). That way they can increase their graduation rates, and not been seen as one of the worst school districts to attend. Mostly, schools avoid the flocking of parents trying to find out why their sons are failing. Having grades over the 60% many parents stay calm and think there is nothing to worry about.

Coincidentally, these are also the same students that will be dropping out of their first semester at college. No matter what we do to integrate our schools by socioeconomic status, they are condemned to fail afterwards.

There are always chances to improve, but working for State testing is not good enough, and preparing student for life is the hardest teachers' task. Remember, there are no miracle cures in education.

My hope is no teacher has ever to curb or inflate grades to enjoy vacations, to look well in front of colleagues or because they have exhausted all possibilities.

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