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Help: Having Your Students to Blog Isn't so Easy

There is a great campaign there at Global Voices, Teach Someone You Love to Blog or Miro-blog and a elementary teacher is in need of help as how to start blogging with her 5th graders, thing is she doesn't know how to jump start. Her colleague at Ed Tech Trek is trying to help her out and has some questions that need to be addressed:

    1) For elementary students, what is a good "permission" form to send home? Does anyone have a sample?

    2) How should she begin? Should she start with one blog where her students can be "authors" or should she set up a blog for each student?

    3) If she sets up a blog for each student, does she have moderation control over approving new posts first?

Some of the recommendations are here. We think as far as this project is so ambitious, starting to work with 5th graders will be a hard road to walk. Kids are familiar with computers but they wouldn't want to have the same template to begin, and contents are to be authorized by an adult first. They don't know what to hang in the internet and the very first thing they might want to do is post pictures, games or videos. So, be careful. If you are willing to spend time. Go for it!

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