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Using Twitter to Communicate With Students' Parents

The following is the continuation of Twitter is just like high school and we took one out of the four recommendations, Ron Bronson posted in his Reading, Writing & Big Ideas:

    1. For teachers to share general classroom information about parents: When I first thought this, I thought what about those parents who want to know when Jonny had a bad day in class? Wouldn’t this be a great thing if they could simply follow the protected Twitter feed of his class and find out when the teacher posts that he’s been sent to detention? Probably not, because of all of the privacy issues involved I’m sure.

    But…as far as disseminating information that they want to get to a wide swath of parents without emailing, sending a note home that gets lost or talking to each individual one on the phone…(not that you wouldn’t have to do that for parents without web access) it’d be a great way to bring the information to them more quickly and efficiently.

Way to go, teachers!

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