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Curriculum: Playing to Be the Education Board for Once

Analyze, plan, design and execute a proposal is a goal administrators need to master. If the subject is curriculum, then they need not only master but socialize the necessities of future society.

I've found interesting a thread that is taking on Reditt and you should also contribute. From your own situation, perspective and necessities, what do you think it would be the Best Curriculum for your school?

Here two comments are worth to read, follow and continue:

Blackstar900 wants to focus on economics, so we can avoid what's happening just now in our society:

My priority would be to get more civics, logic, economics and home economics into the curriculum. Because what people really need to know from their compulsory education is what to expect from their government and what it expects from them, how to made a good argument and see through a bad one, how to avoid going into massive debt, and how to manage whatever space they have to live in with whatever means are available to them.
After that, I'd through in a more comprehensive comparative religion program (to facilitate understanding others), restructure how we teach history (so that kids actually get a sense of why it's useful to learn it), and try to make sense of how and why we teach arts and literature to kids we're forcing to attend.

And Hyperfat is tough on his appreciations and asks for practical subjects and less attention to the standardized tests:

I would recognise there are always going to be 50% above and 50% below the medium, up until the 10th grade I would let the kids attempt to be in the top 50%, after that, they would go to any number of special trade schools for two years learning a useful skill that was at their level of skills and send them off to join the workforce with the option of apprenticeships in their field to further their career.
The other 50% (also given the option to go to a vocational school and be done in 2 years vs 4) would go from 10th grade to similar to what we have now, only more accelerated, with the desired outcome of going to a college to further their studies in a specific field.
I would say [expletive] all to most standardized tests because they dumb down the system, and let each child advance at his or her own level.
Oh yeah, focus on logical skills, like practical math, science, communications, politics, economics etc. With less emphasis on [expletive] they will never need to know in real life (ps. did you know schools don't teach kids how do balance their bank accounts? WTF). I would offer more electives as well.
Anyone who did not want to go in this system could be home schooled and get govt. funding as long as they followed certain rules and didn't teach with any kind of religious text.

My question is, why administrators aren't paying attention to what people and society really needs. The problems are not on a drawer written on a paper or laying on top of a desk. Reality is, administrators have the responsibility to run efficiently the Education Boards but problems are in the street, where human beings as those we quoted have a lot to say about education.

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