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Why the "Liberal" Obama Is at Core Little Different From the "Conservative" He Replaced

The plan that will be announced on Monday is awful, another giveaway to investors. Be prepared to live in tent cities that well can be named "Barackvilles". 

 After the scandal about AIG bonuses, people feel uncomfortable about the deafness tone by the government. Officials say they will pursue everything under the law to recover those bonuses, but it is still in process and many of those who received the electronic transfers are not living in American soil. NYC Educator has some examples as of what people like Rush Limbaugh, wants his President that certainly, he does not succeed (stressed section is ours):

    On education, president Merit Pay wants to set up a bonus compensation system quite similar to Wall Street's in order to "reform" education. How'd that work on Wall Street, Bam? On health care, after saying he wouldn't tax people who already have health care benefits to pay for people who don't, the administration has reversed course and said they are open to exactly that if that's what they need to do to get health care passed. How's that for taking care of the working and middle classes? [.........] I know it's only 60 days in. I never expected Merit Pay to clean things up in 60 days. But the tone coming from him and his people, the education, health care, bailout, Federal Reserve and war policies his administration is pursuing, the arrogance with which Merit Pay dismisses the criticism as "Simon Cowellesque," makes me think President Merit Pay just doesn't get it. I know people on the right like to tar him as a 'socialist' and people on the left want to see him as one of their own. But after watching him during the campaign and now seeing how he has run the first 60 days, all I see is a guy who wants to triangulate between both sides on every issue, and while he may think he is being pragmatic and post-partisan, it sure seems like he is setting himself, his administration and the country up for failure.

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