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Why Did Obama Make False Claims on Education?


In his first major education speech last week, President Obama misinformed the public with major claims that simply weren't true. The cumulative effect of these untruths was to paint a picture of public education that is much gloomier than it really is. Before turning to FactCheck.org and other sources to set the record straight, a larger question needs asking: Why did Obama make these false claims? Logically, the possible answers seem to be either: a) Obama himself was misinformed by his advisors and/or speech-writers, and was unaware that he was misrepresenting the truth; or b) the president knew about the distortions, but found it expedient to spread them anyway (If I'm missing other possibilities, fill me in.).

Both answers are disturbing. If Obama innocently passed his talking points along from Arne Duncan's team at the DoE, then we have cause to worry that our Secretary of Education lacks either knowledge or intellectual integrity, and neither explanation is encouraging. If Obama did know about the distortions, then we have to ask what his motives were for spreading them. 

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  1. My take is that Obama is not fully versed on education issues and is taking advice, which he then repeats.

  2. Nothing wrong with repeating what he is said. He can master all. What I think is people whom is behind him are failing doing their homework.