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Illiterate Teachers: Is it Ok to Stay That Way?

In a commented post, Pat explains the results of a Survey of the American Teacher, conducted by MetLife. It is an important piece you should read especially that section where the survey (pdf doc) says "teachers just plain haven't embraced digital forums for personal growth."

Education and Tech supports the answer given by Succesful Teaching on this question: Is it alright to be a technologically illiterate teacher? (bold is ours):

Absolutely not. I think that teachers need to take the initiative in learning more about technology. I know teachers have heard about blogs and things like Twitter since it is all in the news. If they don’t know what these are, they need to find out about them and see how they can use them. I read blogs daily in order to stay current on education topics and learn about other tools that are out there for the classroom. By reading blogs, I get inspired and motivated to try new things. By joining Twitter, and Plurk, I have developed a Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) that offers support and encouragement when I need it. I have been able to bounce ideas off of others immediately and get feedback on these ideas. I have grown so much professionally by being around other educators and learning from them. As an educator, we need to constantly grow professionally so we don’t become stagnant. It is not acceptable to be technologically illiterate anymore. I feel it is also impossible to be this way and still be a successful teacher.

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