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Why Should Teachers Have Tenure?

I won't comment on this article, read it and have your own thoughts. An additional link has been added for better reference and the stressed part is also ours.

From If Obama were an Untenured Teacher...

    ...If the president of the United States catches hell for being civil and speaking common sense, imagine how dangerous such behavior as a teacher can be. That's one reason tenure is important. It allows teachers to approach politically unpopular ideas without jeopardizing their jobs, instead of being classroom propagandists and mythologists.
    Time Magazine managing editor Richard Stengel doesn't seem to get this unique justification for tenure in the teaching profession. In his sloppy fluff piece on Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Stengel goes from interviewer to anti-labor tool with this comment:

    I think parents look at tenured teachers and say, I don't have tenure in my job — why should teachers have tenure?

    Sheesh, Dick, most parents don't face unemployment for exercising academic freedom and intellectual integrity. You don't get fired on Wall Street or Main Street for pointing out that America is not perfect or Genesis is not a science textbook. You do in schools.

For more on this matter see also Three Bullets for EduWonk

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  1. What a moronic, one sided article. Weak logic... In the marketplace you do get punished for your views, just ask the Dixie Chicks. In the marketplace you have to answer to your customers.

    Also, the classroom is not the place for teacher activism. It should not be a hotbed for teacher agendas or propaganda. If a teacher has opinions they should share them on their own time, like the rest of us have to do. Teachers shouldn't use their pulpit, which is for education, to sway their micro-kingdoms to their personal political agendas.

    Foolish article.