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Three Games Your Kids Can Play With iPodTouch/ iPhone

This post was meant to six and under children and was originally uploaded at Learning Visions of Cammy Bean. Using her Creative Commons license we reproduce Bean's work. All these three games can be get it through iTunes at only $ 0.99:

iWriteWords This is a fun little spelling game. You trace out letters to spell words. When you finish the word, a cute drawing appears and then you shake the letters into a little hole to move on.

Sort of a Montessori style approach, like the sandpaper letters that my daughter does at school. When she's trying to write a letter she doesn't know, I have to 'dot it out' on paper for her so she can trace it herself. This game matches that experience really well.

AniMatch A classic memory game with fun animal cards and sounds. I played it a few times myself before going to bed last night.

Pacifier1 Marketed for the 1-3 set, although my older kids are mesmerized by it. Little dots and shapes float around on the screen. As you touch them, a number is spoken out loud from 1-10. When you get to 10 it starts all over again. Soothing background music, smooth movement and lots of colors to pacify and interest your young child. And get her hooked to electronic games early.

Can you recommend other games that your kids enjoy while playing with either your iPhone or the iPod Touch?

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