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The Curriculum Universities Should Have Today

It's very difficult to please everyone not only in the educational institutions but in our normal daily life. Authorities are supposed to understand the necessities of new students and if they are not, then research should be lay down and built a curriculum that adjust not only for the students vision but conceptualization parents, educator and ultimately society demands.

Connecting 2 the World a interesting blog by V. Yonkers discusses a movie he watched during Spring Break with his children. 'Accepted' is the movie and he goes on explaining why Colleges and Universities should pay attention as to what their new students are in need of. The following questions are demanded to be answered, in order to understand what is the role and what is meant by the concept University: "What makes something a "university"? What curriculum should today's university have? What is the role of the faculty, student and administration in today's university? What should it be?"

We have been involved in the process of curriculum design and we also know how difficult is to set objectives, goals and parameters to evaluate the outcomes. Until society does not demand a particular professional, a technician or any political storm that translates into a deeply educational reform (Depression, Sputnik, then curriculum will be re-designed but no mayor changes will be implemented. Surely, students might want to:

    ...Skate boarding (in which students learned the laws of physics and engineering), stress reduction (based on the principles of religion, philosophy, and psychology), and understanding women (using concepts from sociology, women's studies, and biology)."

Designers should listen what the students want and need, although they won't weight more than the 50% of decisions. Students are able to teach themselves without any help from faculty in this era but still as many times have said, they still need an institution to certify that knowledge and such institution must follow state recommendations , since education most of the times is a government responsibility.

So, what is the curriculum universities should have today? It all depends on the state or county necessities. We don't want keep graduating engineers or finance people but we are not to force into the curriculum the skills on Twitter and other social networks. That's something students already know. We have to look up what the goals are in the Obama administration, in this case, work towards those goals: environment, social security, health, and economic crisis, as well.

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