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You Are a "Social Media Snob" if You Do Not Follow Many People on Twitter

I've discovered (and subscribed) to a blog about Educational Technology, written by Mike Arsenault in Maine. Today, he brings up an interesting discussion about twitters in the educational field. He builds a chart where you can easily spot great figures in Education than I will not mention here in its enterity.

The central point is: Are you a social media snob if you do not follow equivalent number of people who is following you?

Twitter needs interaction and lately, there is a bunch o posts trying to impress you how to become a microcelebrity. Think before you tweet. Ask, will this add value? Will this help someone? wrote Tim Bursch, on what I consider an interesting post.

Many people nowaday are concerned about numbers and they might also be worried about the ratio of Followers to Following. But the real thing is interaction, as I said before, I usually unsubscribe from people who almost ever appear on my streamline. Why? They are not contributing neither to me nor to the social network. They, as well respected David Warlick and Will Richarson may be busy doing other stuff. They contribution is different from that one we expect in Twitter.

We tend to keep a balance between these two groups of Followers/Following and we clean up our list every now and then. Last, we do have to agree to Mike, " I would mostly attribute that to still being somewhat of a snob and still figuring out how to best filter the information that comes from so many different sources as I try to balance doing my job, reading RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and having a personal life."

To check out our ratio and updates please see @tonnet.

Update: Kevin Jarret respond to Mike and corrects him: Whether they follow me on Twitter is irrelevant. It’s just how they choose to use the service. Period.

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