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Facebook: Pros and Cons of Using it in the Classroom

Facebook can be used poorly or incorrectly.

Being an adult doesn't mean you can always manage your time responsibly and always be aware of what's is or is not convenient for yourself. Not to mention the molding conduct and personality of young people who are the ones flocking to social networks sites as Facebook, today. Are they using them to their advantage and correctly? That is a question Mike Qaissaunee tries to answer on this post. He presents both sides of using Facebook, one experience (one out of his 12 years teaching) with one of his students who was addicted to Facebook in a poorly manner and consequently grades will be affected for mentioned student.

    Just this last semester (yes it's over) I had a student that was very active in Facebook - 90% of the activity was very frivolous, for example sending virtual items to friends or playing countless hours of "Mafia Wars." I suspect that this student's grade is probably a letter grade lower than his or her potential. I'm sure there are other reasons students get distracted and lose motivation, but I was able to simultaneously watch the ramp up in Facebook activity and the decline in classroom performance. No scientific correlation here -just my gut - but I've been teaching full-time for twelve years now, so you get pretty good at making these assessments.
But he also remembers what happened with Ryerson University freshman Chris Avenir. as to set the good side of using social networks.

Did you give up of using social networks as a good resource to improve education. communication and complex process of socializing and learning?

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