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Obama Admin. to Cut Funding for the Enhancing Education Through Technology

EETT funds under the Economic Recovery Act will flow by July 2009 and this has many educators disappointed. ETAN is updating on this matter. They belong to the Consortium for School Networking and the International Society for Technology in Education:

    Earlier this month, the Obama Administration proposed to cut funding for the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program by 63% for FY10. This would slash funding for EETT from $269.9 million to only $100 million. We need your help to convince Congress to reject this funding cut. ACT NOW! As you will recall, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) invested $650 million in new education technology funding, to be spent between now and September 30, 2010, because this program is so vital to our children's future. If Congress agrees to this cut, much of the progress made with the new ARRA dollars - modernizing classrooms, training teachers to use technology and ensuring the technological literacy of our students - will be lost! ACT NOW! Contact your U.S. Senators and Congressional Representative to oppose the President's proposed cut and support funding EETT at a minimum, its FY09 funding level.

Mike Petrilli writes about what education would be turned in America because of funds and education reform. He cites experiences lived by parents and citizens in Seattle. Referring to the 'school poverty gambit' he adds: '" last hired, first fired" is an outrage,' and continues, "It makes a mockery of meritocracy. It saps the energy from our youngest teachers and rewards longevity over effectiveness. And it’s been sitting there for a long, long time. Maybe now is the time that it comes to be seen as the scandal it is, and maybe now is the time that it will spark the populist outrage necessary for reform." God bless our schools and gives light to the education officials in Washington!

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