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A Comment on "Cellphones in the Classroom"

Little by little teachers and citizen are taking into account how important it is for our kids (students)to use what they know, some times, better than us: The cellphones.

Jesse Moyer weights in and says:

    I think we can all agree that this type technology; cell phones, smart phones, etc.; are here to stay. Why would we leave it up to our courts to educate students on the proper uses of these devices? Now, some may argue that it is the parents’, and not the school’s, job to teach their children how to appropriately use this technology. I would whole-heartedly agree, and maybe the parents of the teens in this case did; maybe they didn’t. Either way, why wouldn’t we want to take the opportunity to educate and train our young people to use devices that will be part of their lives and, in some cases, a large part of their lives for years to come?

    ...I believe students should learn to use these devices in proper ways, and I think our schools can be a major factor in this education.

Teachers, raise your hand please...

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