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Reexamining Our Roles as Teachers

Dr Delaney Kirk of Ask-Dr-Kirk blog, links to a very well framed post from Adobe Education Leaders.. Johanna Riddle is the author and she explains how digital media has transformed the role of educators, that is taking us to a new breed of learners and communicators. The main creation here is that interests and focus of this new generation goes beyond the classroom walls. "And it holds deep implications for the future form, and role, of educators."

Riddle writes , "When we embrace the notion that how we teach is as crucial to the learning process as what we teach, we naturally begin to expand and reexamine our roles as teachers." and asks, "Isn’t that when teaching, and learning, really start to matter?"

She goes on to say that we will have new roles as frameworkers, connectors, and enablers.

Citing Magda Kahn, ESL instructor at Groves High School in Garden City, Georgia, the author of the noted post stresses how we all are together in the technology inclusion: If I’m trying to take my students through a step in the technological process, and I get lost, I ask them to help me through it. I have to be willing to learn with them. Sometimes, I will ask each student to identify a function on the toolbar or menu, spend some time exploring it, and prepare a short expository presentation on that skill. That way, my students meet the ESL goals of written and oral language, while we all become more proficient at technology.

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