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The iPod Octopus in the Classroom


This post comes handy now that we all are using the new iPhone and updated the current version of our iPod Touch.

Implementing the iPod Touch in a PC Only environment without an Apple iPod Touch cart using only free apps requires us to problem solve some challenges.

The teacher synchs all iPods through a single iTunes Account.

A good teacher provisions for everything that happens in the classroom, so determining, modeling, and coordinating a synching procedure for 29 students is very important. For example, how often will the teacher synch the iPods? When will this occur? Which students go first? How will the students get their iPods back? What will the students be doing when the teacher is entangled in those wires trying to synch?

For the other possible challenges a classroom teacher is confronted with the iPod Touch in a classroom visit Patrick Ledesma's original article.

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