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Digital Age: The Future of Learning

We woke early today and started browsing the most recent tweets. We came across to an interesting report, licensed under Creative Commons: The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age by Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg with the assistance of Zoë Marie Jones. The discovering of this study was possible thanks to Jasom Flom.

Thanks to funding from the MacArthur Foundation, both report's authors, "investigate the internet’s transformation of shared and interactive learning. They suggest the following 10 principles as 'fundamental to the future of learning institutions' as Flom writes in his post.

These are the 10 Principles for the Future of Learning:

1. Self Learning.
2. Horizontal Structures.
3. From Presumed Authority to Collective Credibility.
4. A De-Centered Pedagogy.
5. Networked Learning.
6. Open Source Education.
7. Learning as Connectivity and Interactivity.
8. Lifelong Learning.
9. Learning Institutions as Mobilizing Networks.
10. Flexible Scalability and Simulation.

We think these principles would be the Decalogue of all teachers. Special attention has to be put on #s 3, 6 and 9. Is it a coincidence that we've selected all multiple of three?

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  1. Self learning is the most important principle. From my school time i have been told many times that self learning is the best learning and yes you can get many support on this statement. your all 10 principles are great for any learner no doubt.

  2. All 10 tips are great and necessary. 1st one is the most important factor which is self learning.