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Facebook Apps for Aministrators and Educators

Whatever social media gurus say, Facebook continues to be the king in the social networks, closely followed only by Twitter. Sadly, majority of teachers in our schools barely use email, and less use Smartboards, says @motherthinker. Cellphones seem far away and so is Facebook and other social networks. This post is among the countless other articles touting the benefits of Facebook, detailing the pros and cons of using Facebook in the classroom. However, as Ryann Ellis says, "concrete advice on how to use Facebook has proven difficult to find."

The following are the 9 applications the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) recommends for teachers and administrators:

    BookTag: This app offers a great way to share and loan books out to students, plus create helpful quizzes for studying.
    Webinaria Screencast Recorder: Record a video for students, and share it with this application.
    SlideShare: Create presentations to send to students with this slideshow application.
    Teach the People: Teach the People is an educational platform that uses Facebook.
    Dojo Learning: Dojo Learning offers a great way to learn and create resources for learning on Facebook.
    Learn: In this community app, you’ll find Addictive Learning.
    KnowledgeBook: KnowledgeBook allows you to find and share skills and knowledge on Facebook.
    Podclass: Podclass offers a course management system from within Facebook.
    Teach and Learn: Teach and Learn offers a 3D learning space on Facebook.

ASTD also mentions some useful apps for learners and for everyone else. Are you using any of them at your school?

Professionals looking into the online education are doing a great job trying to incorporate new tech tools in schools and in the classroom. But we still are to respond to this question: Can Facebook really be used in education?

We believe so.

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