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Are Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ Requirements Fair?

National Journal is an online magazine that runs its own Education Blog funded --in part, by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the purpose of creating an educational forum for sharing research, ideas, and opinions regarding issues related to college readiness and college completion. 

 This week, Eliza Krigman wrote a post titled, Are The 'Race To The Top ' Requirements Fair? Krigman takes on the "draft guidelines for the Race to the Top fund [and] the $4.35 billion in grants to improve America's schools." The problem is laid out because according to the guidelines, states that prohibit linking student achievement data to teacher and principal evaluation will not be eligible to apply. Is this fair? Why or why not,? Eliza asks. 

 At the moment there are 27 responses to her question. All of them worth reading. What is your opinion on this matter? Are you an administrator with plenty of experience, wanting to weight in?

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