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Using 'Screenr' for Free to Make Interesting Math Presentations

Last week, while I was checking the streamline of our Twitter account, fellow Steven Diaz, who is a experienced math instructor and in pursue of his Ed.D. degree, gave to Screenr a try, uploading his very first work to show how to find the equation of the line between two points.

For all math teachers, the good approach showed by Steven, opens the door for improvement of the always criticized methods of teaching the abstract science. According to the author, the process of engaging students with this kind of new system, not only makes it interesting but it also allows students to download the archive into an iPod, which of course, adds more value to Screenr in the study of mathematics.

More than one teacher was excited about the slide. To hear more comments about what can be improved or how are you using Web 2.0 tools in math teaching, please spare 4 minutes to watch this beautiful Analytic Geometry class:

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  1. What software was Mr. Diaz using to type his formulas?

  2. I used Math Type, which you can download 30-day trial period of the full version at http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/trial.asp?src=linkBox. After 30 days, the full version of Math Type becomes Math Type Lite, which still very useful to type many math symbols.

    I hope this helps.

    Milton: Thank you for posting one of my screencasts. I am just trying something different with my students to engage them to learn mathematics.