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Educate About Malwares

Surely, you will have been wondering what happened to Education & Tech. Nothing. We decided to stop for a week to reflect on our daily practice and our uses of the internet.

That coincided with two interesting facts: one was our Birthday and the other the infection of our computer.

We had a global celebration and from here we thank all our readers and friends who are either on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed or Hi5.

The other, was a headache: the Security Tool (ST - for I don't want to contribute to its publicity). We sometimes share our laptop with our son, 13, and this week we get infected by the malicious ST. It is so complicated that it even takes over your system and does not allows you to download any software/anti-malware to clean it.

That is when after several years of being a user of Zone Alarm, this time we were disappointed. Instead of updating its data base, they only referred me to groups where we could help.

We tried the so recommended MalwareBytes and SpywareDoctor, but both failed to install. We got the message: "Create process failed; code 2/ System cannot find the file specified." So, after trying one last time with Zone Alarm, without success, we decided to uninstall it and go for McAfee. That was when, and after doing a deep scan, we regain control of the system.

We do not use Symantec products for the amount of memory they use and the backlogs that is left after uninstalling them. But even they were attentive to update their anti-virus and post recommendations as to how to clean ST.

In several places, it was recommended to manually remove the malware, which wasn't automatically downloaded into your computer, it was the user with his own hands that did so. This the reason why the anti-virus does not block it. To avoid this tedious and controversial process we went to download HijackThis of TrendMicro and fixed the problem.

Next time, educate about consequences of not being careful of what you hit on the keyboard, not only to your students but your family members, as well.

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