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The State of the American Education 'Is on the Chopping Block'

I, as many, enjoyed the article appeared on the New York Times, authored by well known Paul Krugman. The conversation about the shortfall of American education is endless around the education community, but when it comes from the voice of an economist, we need to double our attention.

For who didn't have the opportunity to read The Uneducated American, let me save your time and address the main points we found in Krugman's discourse:

Education still does not touch soil. He writes: "Until now, the results of educational neglect have been gradual — a slow-motion erosion of America’s relative position. But things are about to get much worse, as the economic crisis — its effects exacerbated by the penny-wise, pound-foolish behavior that passes for fiscal responsibility in Washington — deals a severe blow to education across the board."

Very slightly, but in a convincing manner he says, government gave out tons of money thorough the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, yes, but it went to the millionaires in Walt Street, to save their investments under the promise of regulation, which until today is not clearly established. Education can wait and each state are to solve their own budget deficits.

What they forget is that, "In America, with its weak social safety net and limited student aid, students are far more likely than their counterparts in, say, France to hold part-time jobs while still attending classes. Not surprisingly, given the financial pressures, young Americans are also less likely to stay in school and more likely to become full-time workers instead," says the laureate with the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics during 2008.

He is good on keeping with statistics and remind us all that education sector is also suffering from the high rate of American unemployment. His assertion that 143, 000 jobs were lost in this sector during the last five months, is something education officials and educators mus be vigilant. That is why, the economist suggests: "Congress needs to undo the sins of February," which lead education to lost a great deal of aid support, and approve another big round of aid to state governments in a denomination not even close to the stimulus bill.

Otherwise, more and more young Americans will miss the chance of a superior education and the education shortfall goes all the way down to the educational pyramid.

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