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Can We Really Enforce Differenciated Instruction in Our Schools?

I was attending the all popular now #edchat and organized every Tuesday at 7 PM EST. on Twitter. It has been a great opportunity to know more participants, but also to learn a bit more about Differentiated Instruction (DI).

If you missed the online session, here we give you the opportunity to catch some tweets which we believe are worth reading:

    We must not confuse DI with constructivism. Both are helpful, but they are not the same thing. @CorinaFiore

    Criterion referenced tests do not force one dimensional teaching and are not designed to cause failures. @BeckyFisher73

    Main objective of DI is to provide a learning environment that will maximize the potential for student success. @NMHS_Principal

    Differentiated instruction without differentiated assessment is all talk. @TedPugliese

    There is great power in choice. @blairteach

    True differentiation is the opposite of standardized curriculum and testing. @concretekax

    I've found that when I give my students options, they have a hard time figuring out what to do. They're used to being spoon fed. @jswiatek

    I DO remember when we used to talk about creating life long learners! Did we succeed? @haretek

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