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Celebrating the Year of the Tweet - 2009!

One of the things we have enjoyed this year was developing a wide range Personal Learning Network. On this business, Twitter has played a very important role. While voices were crying for death of blogging to replaced by micro blogging, so far, both are still strong and alive.

With all reason @hjarche has declared the 2009 to be the Year of the Tweet.

Here on Education & Tech, we are grateful to the 3,270 followers we've gotten. To show appreciation, we have selected only a sample of them in no order. The process to select our "Twitter Followers" and "Twitter Friends," was done using TwitterMosaic:

Thanks to all you for being part of our very productive PLN. There are many more that I would like to present but you know that every night we meet on Twitter and do our part to get out of the echo chamber, mentioned by many.

To all you, specially for those not presented in here, have a healthy and very productive New Year 2010!

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  1. Something wrong with the TwitterMosaic application, as I am listed as a follower, and yet I am not (it's not personal; I don't follow anyone).

  2. I have no right to advocate for TwitteMozaic but I have to tell you, the app has two options: Show Twitter Followers and Show Twitter Friends.

    I have tweaked results to show them in here. It may occur that you were listed as 'Twitter Friend.'

    Mr. Downes, we do know what your Twitter policies are and in no way we are even trying to play the results.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure I understand your request though...redirect you to what offered page? I embedded a link to the Marfan 101 page already, is that what you meant?

  4. That's what I was looking for. Thanks for the link, the Marfan explanation and for visiting our blog.