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Education Blogs: "I think these lists are a waste of time"

I pretty much reflect on what MGuhlin has brought yesterday. There are days when we feel like blogging is a waste of time and then, we recover and keep up to our readers and to ourselves.

There is more than one veteran blogger living up not to make the lists but to encourage and guide their visitors. Not that we didn't make the list now, but lists are made based on each personal experience. I could start drawing my list to the Edublog Awards 2009 and it will come up short because I know a whole lot of good bloggers and I could commit the mistake to leave out, at least one, which under another circumstances will be good for another edublogger.

Miguel MGuhlin thinks (as well as Downes, that I remember) lists are a waste of time but he recognizes work on building the Top 200 Education Blogs. However, he writes:"...Yet, placement on the list must mean something. At least, someone was kind enough to include the blog in what they perceive as the top 200. But what about the rich variety of new bloggers with less than 2000+ subscribers, whose voices are undiscovered? Or, who can keep up with the 10 blog posts per day by resource/tools enthusiasts that make one wonder, how the heck can anyone learn to use 100 tools they share in 10 days?"

I have the experience while writing to Global Voices that these unheard voices are as important as the 2k, A-list or high ranking blogs.

As opposed as it might look, we also have compiled our Education Blogs for Teachers. Have I changed my mind? No. Those lists had the purpose to collect previous posts related to education and topics related.

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