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Likes/Dislikes of Google Wave Plus Note Taking Uses

If you are among users like me, post written by Clint Boulton at eWeek is a must read. Boulton discusses the results of an online survey in which it details what people like and don't like about Google Wave. Web consultant Martin Seibert, high-tech pundit Robert Scoble and Gmail creator Paul Bucheit weigh in with what they like and dislike about the open-source platform.

To complement the survey results, Lauren Baum of Edumeme uploaded a video where she shows three functions which were used Google Wave for:

1. Collaborative note taking
2. To record and critique important questions and answers in class
3. To communicate via the backchannel. In this case three people started an impromptu debate about whether a revolution always has economic causes at it’s source.
4. Editing for spell check and grammar did not come until later.

We are still in process of learning Google Wave management, but if you would like to add me to your circle, I will be more than delighted.

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