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School Conversations, "What Does That Culture Look Like?

Although I don't always see the conversations David Warlick talks about in this post, I think it's a good start. It'll be quite possible that you see conversations in most schools or educational environments, but you might have to agree with me that it happens but in not all schools.

During this week, I read an note where the results of a study showed poor performance of students attending 'poor schools'(read neighborhood schools). The article was referring to the American schools, not to even mention the same structures overseas.

Is it true that many of us are heavily using Twitter, Facebook and Google, confused by many as hubs or gatekeepers in the media, when they merely represent tools to communicate ideas online. Such tools are not always in reach to everyone. Costs of internet connection are still high and even when American schools all have access, it's the distribution of the access which concern me more.

D. Warlick sketches 10 suggestions for administrators for promoting these kind of conversations in the 'building and beyond.' All of them valuable but in the assumption we've got rid of the neighborhood schools. What I do appreciate is Warlick's vision to encourage what I'd prefer to call the Theory of Learners, learn anything new daily and make it a way of living.

Struck me the suggestion No. 3: "Make frequent mention of your Twitter stream, RSS reader, specific bloggers you read. Again, this should not be limited to job specific topics." Yes, some mega media moguls are already jealous of social networks as Twitter. They are scared to hell to think people is paying more attention to a Twitter stream than a professional view in the so authorized media.

Let's keep it simple, build conversations whenever you are but do not forget the gifted and talented but graciously poor people.

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