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What Do You Think the Web Will Look Like in Twenty Years?

This is one of the three questions people who has been tagged to participate, is responding. Everything originated in latest edition of ON Magazine. So far, three very respectable professionals plugged in: Len Devanna, Gina Minks and Clark Quinn.

#20 Years of the Web looks for your own perspectives canalized with these three questions:

How has the Web changed your life?
How has the Web changed business and society?
What do you think the Web will look like in twenty years?

There will be a great discussion, we know, personally I have been on the web since 2001 and I am too young to answer these questions, but I want to continue the discussion and see what you can say about all these changes. Allow me to share with you, Quinn's ideas about our central question. He writes:

"I really think that the web will have become transparent. For most of us, the information access capabilities will be transparent: so ubiquitous we take it for granted. There just will be information wherever and whenever you want it. We’ll be surrounded by clouds that follow us that define who we are and where we’re at both physically, chronologically, and metaphorically, so that information will be available on demand in whatever ways we want.

From the production side, we’ll be creating information by our actions that will be aggregated and mined for useful ways to serve us. We’ll have new models of learning that integrate across technologies and space to develop us in meaningful ways to empower us to achieve the goal we want. And, most likely and unfortunately, there will be information to continue to try to sway us to do things that others would prefer we do. I would hope, however, that we’re moving in a positive direction where we slow down our progress to the point we can make sure we’re bringing everybody along."

I haven't been tagged, so feel free to tag yourself up and participate with more ideas. We all will be happy to read them.

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  1. This is sure to be an interesting conversation. I have been a user of the Internet since about 1998 and am amazed on a regular basis that I ever lived without it. It is hard to remember a time when you couldn't take out your phone and instantly identify a song that was playing on the radio, get instant directions and phone numbers for every place to buy 3d glasses, and have a continuous conversation with people from around the world.

  2. I like the quote, "[the internet] will define us...chronologically." That is a great way to explain to students that what they do on the internet today will be part of their life-long reputation, even as they apply for jobs, try to find love or are researched by journalist for a good story!

  3. After 20 years there may not be any school or varsities, all the education will carried out through the Internet. Without Internet a life becomes dark. The whole world will be in our palm.