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The School I'd Like - #EduThingsILike

I pay my respects to classroots.org and join to the #EduThingsILike. We were kindly invited to participate in a meme Tom Vander Ark started. I confess that at the beginning I felt hesitant to do it, but after a call of conscience, I decided this a great opportunity to envision the ideal school from my particular perspective, I would like my family to have.

I agree to Chad Sansing when he says: "I think we need to say for ourselves what we stand for before we act in pursuit of it." Even when these are ideals, we need to keep dreaming. Haven't been said that you need to dream higher in order to, at least, get to the lower level?

Here's what I'd like:

  • I like schools that not resemble prisons.

  • I like teachers who think they are not the only ones in charge of the subject.

  • I like parents who talk with their children at least 10 minutes a day, after returning from work.

  • I like edupreneurs who nonetheless rely on education as a way to get rich, no matter that this is mental and spiritual wealth.

  • I like leaders because without his charisma the group itself never will move on.

  • I like the inventors, those who live eternally the most restless curiosity of our students.

  • I like students who never remain silent, those who love to ask, although their tests show otherwise.

What do you like? @irasocol, @josiefraser, @republicofmath, @TheJLV, @Struggle2Learn. I am trying to follow Chad's rules, but feel no obligation to participate. On the other hand, if you happen to read this post and want to continue with this meme, feel free to do it so. Tag the people you would like to hear from.

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  1. I'd like a school where:

    the teachers have a voice and the school values grassroots change.

    the students are each respected for what they bring to the classroom.

    when one person speaks, others listen with an open mind.

    where people have a chance to give their opinions without fear of retribution.

    where teachers are free of burdening paperwork, so they can concentrate on teaching.

    where students are encouraged to think, discuss, study, converse....argue over which book was the best one all year or feel free to show their excitement over learning.

    where decisions are driven by honest data--not misleading statistics.

    where the focus is on the students, not mandates from "above."

    where each child feels they are an important part of the school community!

    I've probably said too much. I'd like to hear from @colonelb @cybraryman @drchuckwilliams!

  2. where teachers can be as creative as they want.

    where learning is fun once again

    where students want to come to school to learn

    where students learn about possible careers throughout their school years and are prepared properly to attain their goals

  3. A very striking list, Milton - thanks so much for joining in the imagining of schools we like. Your first and last points mesh so well together - in schools less resembling prisons, those students who speak up and ask out loud for what they need through all kinds of questions and behaviors might feel more free to learn than they do now.