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The World of e-Learning - The 2010 Horizon Report.

Learning Solutions Magazine:

Mobile computing and open content - the challenge of making as much information as openly accessible as we can - are among the technologies most likely to "have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry" within the next year, the authors of the 2010 Horizon Report tell us.

The latest annual report, the seventh in an ongoing series, provides an updated snapshot of tech tools that are "likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry on college and university campuses within the next five years." Those reports always have an impact far beyond reaching their primary audience, and help those of us involved in e-Learning have a better grasp of where we and our learners are going.

In addition to describing the rapidly evolving impact of mobile computing - "smart phones, netbooks, laptops, and a wide range of other devices [providing] access [to] the Internet using cellular-based portable hotspots and mobile broadband cards" - and open content as "a cost-effective alternative to textbooks and others materials," the report looks out over a five year period for documented trends.

Electronic books and simple augmented reality appear on the horizon within the next two or three years, and gesture-based computing and visual data analysis (pdf) appear ready for widespread use within four or five years, the Horizon Report authors say.

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  1. Milton: Thanks for pointing people toward the article and, more importantly, toward the report. It's one of my favorite annual updates on technology in learning, and I'm delighted that you thought it worth mentioning. Looking forward to keeping track of your own writing. If you're interested in a little more background on resources related to the 2010 Horizon Report, you'll find two additional (shorter) articles on my own "Building Creative Bridges" blog at http://buildingcreativebridges.wordpress.com.