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Server error [1503] on Diigo

Most of my online findings are posted on Twitter (if you are not subscribed to @tonnet, is time to do it. This is not the only place acting as a repository of all my bookmarks, comments, and posts. There is a wide range of sources, some listed at the bottom end of my contact page. 

 All those places are unlimited, in terms of content and tagging. Education & Tech, however, has a specific core knowledge, here we talk, discuss, and republish education information. As such, beyond Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed we also post some links on Diigo. 

 For 5 consecutive months, we haven't been able to use one of the most important features in Diigo, its Auto Blog Post. Prior information is tagged under roundup. Yesterday, was the day we reinstate a fresh auto post from Diigo. 

What happened? Out of nowhere, I began to receive this message: Sorry, server error [1503], I took no further steps for I wanted to discover by myself what was happening. I try this and that and I even thought all that was related to the incident where I lost my personal web address. No, far from that. 

On Diigo's homepage, there is an option called 'tools' under this option, among others is the Auto Blog Post. I've set up my Blogger account and no luck until I remembered Blogger has been updated its platform a while ago and old accounts were upgraded but not the API I suppose. Since my blog is old enough, I decided to try using not the 'New Blogger Blog' option but the 'Blogger Blog,' meant to old hosted blogs. Voilá! I had solved my problem.

As a reference, let me tell you that I had set up my blog before and made no change to the settings. Since I don't quite remember how the settings were performed, I assume I did it in the same way. So, if you ever happen to run into this kind of trouble, try the other way around to old hosted blogs in Blogger. It worked for me.

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