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Does Your Blog Content Sucks?

I have seen many friends and bloggers quit. Anyone thinking to have and publish a blog, should understand that it takes time and effort. Building readership is matter of time and good inter-communication skills. That is the reason why we found Jon Morrow's article very interesting.

In Copyblogger he writes:

    Producing great content is work. No, it’s not building a pyramid or putting a man on the moon or curing cancer, but it does take time, energy, and dedication.

    If you’re sitting here, right now, worrying about whether your content sucks or not, that’s actually a good sign. If you’re worrying about it at 2 in the morning, that’s even better.

So, start taking care of your editorial business and write what you feel is the thing that most impresses, the most searched topic and don't just add the 'via' word.

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