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Internet is constantly changing, Why a 'living Internet'?

The Online Safety & Technology Working Group(OSTWG),released a report under Youth Safety on a Living Internet. Internet safety is not just about technology or even content, it’s about behavior, sociality, and every bit as much as content.

Anne Collier reported about the findings on NetFamilyNews. She served as co-chair of the OSTWG.

There are a great deal of findings, but we want to present two we consider of particular importance:

The Net’s everywhere. This is in terms of both location and devices. It may be filtered on computers at school, but much less on the cellphones a rapidly growing number of students take with them to school, where it’s tough to enforce policies concerning devices that fit in pockets.

Constantly changing. That goes for the Internet, its content, and its users. These dynamic conditions mean that 1) once-and-for-all, one-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist, 2) it’s tough to regulate or legislate behavior, and 3) we need a very large “toolbox” with a diverse array of “tools” for protecting kids at different developmental stages and in different situations (we have that, and their numbers and effectiveness are growing, but there’s always room for improvement). Those tools include education, law enforcement, many types of “parental control” technologies, content

A report every parent and educator should read. We agree with the closing of Mrs. Collier: "Safety on an increasingly lifelike Internet that’s embedded in kids’ lives needs to be kid-centric, not tech-centric."

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