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PLN: What is in it for you?

There is a interesting video hung at e-Learning Acupuncture which you should watch.

Eric A. Tremblay 'dissects' his PLN and I thinK is a practical way to show others how do we use and collect information.

How do we get the information we share with our PLN? There is more than one aggregator, some communication tools for interacting with professionals in my field and a few archiving tools for saving information.


1. Google Reader Before I switched to Google Reader, my main aggregator used to be Bloglines. No anymore. We rely heavely on G.Reader to aggregate RSS information and it gets checked twice daily.

2. There are 3 other independent agregator we check out on a daily basis: Popurls, Pageflakes and Alltop.


3. Gmail is our the place where we read most of our interchange. I have more than one account but all of them are forwarded to a single one. It acts like an e-mail client and archive at the same time.

4. Twitter is my home base. But it is only fed at nigh time and on weekends.

5. Facebook is the the place where i share and interact with people who are not related to the education business. It is more dedicated to friends and people in the media.

6. Skype is used for talking and interviews with close friends, family and people I chose to interview for our social media activities. MSN Messenger is used, too but in a lower level.


7. Delicious is the place where all my links go, those that weren't sent out throughout Twitter.

8. Friendfeed collects all our tweets, delicious bookmarks and any other media source i find on my way. In a minor scale I use StumbleUpon.

9. Posterous allows me post gems if find on the internet, on the fly. It doesn't have to be about education or technology. It is about anything and everything.


Some might think I am writer, I still think of myself as a learner. For the list of our blogs visit our profile in Google.

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