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7 Days to a Better EduBlog – Day 1

We are so delighted Change Agency released its mini-course under Creative Commons license. If you still don't know what CC means, let me tell you quickly, it is an authorization to reproduce contents given you cite the source.

During the next six days you'll be learning among other thing this:

    » How to “design for learning” when it comes to your blog theme, layout, and addition of widgets, plugins, etc.
    » How to create a variety of posts that increase engagement, encourage reflective dialogue, and provide opportunities for your readers/learners to explore topics more in depth.
    » How to establish a blogging schedule that gives your readers/learners support in their learning and a clear expectation of your blog’s focus.

I strongly recommend you enroll in this mini-course or bookmark and save the link so you can come back later. If you really are serious about blogging --in the future you'll be full of excuses, then follow the instructions, go and watch the suggested examples and most important of all, do the tasks.

Day 1: Blog Layout & Design for Readability & Usability

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