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Are Blacks and Hispanics Closing Their Digital Divide? No.

There is a challenging video posted by Mario Armstrong where he questions with deep fundamentals why this PEW report could mislead to the wrong conclusion up there where politicians take the decisions.

As we tweeted Armstrong's invitation to watch and comment the video , immediately I received a question by @POWERORGmath which was answered accordingly. Contrary to what Mario did, we thought it was worth a post to expand our views on the digital divide closing to Blacks and Latinos.

Statistics can be misleading if there are not error margin and delimitation of the investigation. As far as I respect PEW, I have to agree to what is said on the video by Mario Armstrong. The problem with the so called digital divide is not about consumption, to me is about access and ''creation as Mario puts it.

But what kind of access? The possibility to send/receive messages as the report pretends to make you believe? No. Access in terms of information. Hispanics may be having more access data, but is the quality of data they access what matters. Are they reading on their mobiles? Are they doing some feed tracking? Are they learning new things beyond handling keyboard cellphone?

As I said in my first answer to @POWERORGmath, while this society continues to enable poor people, not matter they are buying more expensive smartphones, the digital divide not only is not closing, to me is getting deeper because they are wasting money, but there is not inversion on their intellect.

Throwing the digital divide wall, according to this report means learning to use a device to text messaging and watch videos online. Even though smartphones are more about data that communication, this perception PEW is giving to decision makers, is wrong. They might have the impression the problem is getting solved and nothing needs to be done about. Terrible mistake.

The breach of digital access is not only about mobile devices y has to do with other devices, too.

Again, if we need everyone sufficient on the digital literacy, we need to change the variables of definition that sustains this statistics, otherwise we wouldn't be closing the gap but as I said it before, it may be getting deeper because of a misleading conclusion.

Wish Hispanics pay more attention to what researchers are saying about them.

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