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Education & Tech Now in Facebook, Too.

I have been a bit slow to build a page on Facebook. I was hesitant of the benefits a fan page could have for a blog like Education & Tech.

Same as Cool Cat Teacher, I recently have my second thoughts about a fan page. If you go online frequently you have come to realize that most pages have already included the fan widgets on their pages. It must be a reason.

So, reading the announcement Cool Cat Teacher is on Facebook, I decided to give a try. Let me tell you that I have my personal page but I couldn't even manage how to get an advertisement like those presented on the linked post.

Why this is good for teachers?

Vicky Davis quote:

    Finding how to make a page was a BEAR. I had to go to the help at the bottom right of facebook and click on "Make a page for a business or organization." I do plan to make a "Teacher page" for my students to follow. It will have a different purpose.

    Fundamentally, teachers should keep their Friends and students separate for many reasons, most importantly in the US, if you want to keep your job. (As if we become a distraction, we can be fired!)

I don't pretend to use Facebook to promote new ideas. I just want to benefit of the social network being the first in the world delivering traffic online. That's enough for us.

As you can see on the left side we are doing our first steps. Please, do us the favor and follow Education & Tech on Facebook.

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