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13 Major Changes to Education and Training in the 2025

The European Institute for Prospective Technology Studies asked 13 education experts to name the changes that they thought should or would occur over the next 15 years.

They were to rank their statements between 0 and 5, based on importance and likelihood. A continuation we present the 13 out of 203 statements the experts think are highly likely to occur (based on a ranking of at least 4 in the proposed scale).

Mapping Major Changes to Education and Training in 2025

    1. There will be digital library services available to students.

    2. Students will learn in organized groups, and this will be complemented by learning in loosely connected networks (like social networks.

    3. Students will do at least some of their learning through projects, and new models for project based learning will arise.

    4. Technology will ameliorate time and space barriers to learning.

    5. There will be services on the internet which will be like digital classrooms or digital learning environments.

    6. There will be an abundance of easily available learning resources, although there will still exist the challenge of finding the best and most relevant.

    7. Learning programs will be more flexible than they are now.

    8. Courses will be available in different forms (text, online, mobile, teacher based, and instructions.

    9. Education institutions will expand across borders.

    10. Learning will be more integrated with daily life.

    11. Many students will partake in Open Learning over the internet, and Open Education resources, mostly free, will become widely adopted.

    12. College and University students will routinely be able to take courses around and within their work schedules.

    13. Students will combine working and learning.

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