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Technology in the Classroom as a Head Start of the New School Year.

Since we got our new web address, this blog is pursuing some change of the kind of content we offer. Before February 2010, even when the brand pointed as an Education & Tech blog, we were very much focused on pedagogical issues.

We want to turn this out. We want a balance between education theory and technology applied to education. In this segment there are very few blogs that really stand out, on of them is Free Technology for Teachers. This is by far a very well know edublog, but if you happen to land this page and still haven't heard of it, do yourself a favor and subscribe to it or follow its updates in any of your most convenient ways.

Today, Richard Byrne, editor of Free Tech for Teachers, came up with a very interesting post dedicated to his colleagues getting ready for the new forthcoming school year. The headline reads: 11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year.

Here are the suggestions:

» Get your hands dirt with blogging - Try blogger.com, edublogs.org or kidblog.org.

» Build a Wiki with your students - Recommended: wikispaces.com, pbworks.com, wetpaint.com.

» Build a website - Use weebly.com, webs.com, yola.com.

» Create videos without investing any money - Think of animoto.com and jaycut.com.

» Create maps to tell a story - Google Maps and Google Earth are handy. Here is a great example of what to do with maps.

» Backchannel in your classroom - Understand what backchanneling means and practice with this sites: todaysmeet.com, chatzy.com, edmodo.com and presently.com.

» Build your PLN joining a social network - Twitter is a great tool. Plurk follows and of course any network of educators on ning.com

» Save information using bookmark services - Up front is delicious.com, diigo.com and bookmarks.google.com.

» Teach your students there are other search services beyond Google - wolframalpha.com is only one of the many sites they can find.

» Have Your Students Create Podcasts - Work wonderfully for this matter: audacity.sourceforge.net, aviary.com/tools/audio-editor, and drop.io

» Take care of your Inbox overload - Google Docs, Zoho Writer and Office Web Apps.

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