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16 Kick-Ass iPhone Apps for Use of Teacher Only.

Apple has moved forward in an intent to fight the piracy. As for now, you are going to be able to try before you buy.

Now teachers will have more time to browse around the Apple App Store, if not, we have edited a post over at EduDemic. where we avoid you the hassle to have a brand new iPhone 4 and not know what apps you should load to it.

Below is a helpful list of apps that will save you hours of App Store-hunting and hopefully help you organize your short in school day a bit better. We have taken only two categories which are the ones we think are the most interesting for dedicated teachers:

Document Tools

These applications can make it easier to view and create a variety of documents, whether you need them for class or to keep your business organized.

1. iZoho: This mobile office suite lets you create and access documents and spreadsheets.
2. PDF Reader Pro: Download this application so you’ll be able to read PDF files over your iPhone.
3. iSpreadsheet: If you need to be able to examine spreadsheets on your phone, try out this application.
4. DocViewer: Want to read over your paper one last time before you present it? This app lets you see the document right on your phone.
5. QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite: Check out this mobile office suite to handle a wide variety of document types.
6. Readdle Docs: This application is all about helping you organize your documents from email, your computer or the web.

Taking Notes

Jot down all those brilliant ideas using these iPhone apps.

1. Evernote: Create text, photos and audio notes and sync them with your iPhone and computer with Evernote.
2. Thumb Jot: Use this tool to jot down all your thoughts and notes as they come to you.
3. iTalk Recorder: This app will let you record notes or anything else you want to remember.
4. Dexy: Check out this app to jot down some free form notes. Simply type in the text and later you can bring it up by searching for parts of the text.
5. Napkin Genius: If you prefer to jot down ideas in drawn form, you’ll be able to do so with this app and share and save your completed works.
6. YouNote: Take notes in audio, text, photo and drawing format in this helpful app.
7. VoiceNotes: This recording application can make it easy to leave yourself audio reminders.
8. Writing Pad: Instead of typing out letters, this application allows you to draw them on the screen to write notes.
9. Note2Self: Leave yourself notes in audio or text format with this helpful application.
10. Margins: This application is an ideal tool for students or researchers. It allows users to jot down notes about books, indicating the page and quote as well as your note.

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