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Education Data Is Now Easier to Find and Use in the U.S.

Community, parents, and educators can get reliable, accurate, and timely data that they can use to follow and evaluate reforms. At least, that was what Secretary of Education has said at the launch of a new website: ED.gov 

"A key element of the Department's open government plan, ED Data Express consolidates relevant data collected by the Department from several different sources and provides search tools that allow users to create individualized reports. The data is available at www.eddataexpress.ed.gov.

The website provides tools that allow users to search and explore the U.S. education data, create customized reports, and view state profiles with charts, tables, and key data points for every state.

It also allows users to download their customized reports for further analysis. 

ED Data Express also publishes budget figures and demographics. 

 A 2.0 version of the ED Data Express, is under development and is scheduled to launch this winter. The new version will include enhanced data visualization tools and the ability to post data on social networking sites.

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