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How Can You Tell If a [Edu]Blog Is Worth Reading?

Lately, I have read articles which say that the Internet is going to die, that blogs are not relevant anymore, microblogging and social networks came to stay and so on.

We are not so sure about it. A while now, I also read blogs were about to disappear. It has passed two or three years and blogs continue to survive, along other ways of online publishing and Wikileaks has had the lead lately.

This is a very general view of things. But what about education, the production of contents to be consumed among teachers and students. How do you know which blog is worth to read among tenths of millions of them? Wait no more.

Terry Freedman came up with an interesting list of 10 topics to evaluate a blog (or edublog for that matter). All of them built out of experience, I think.

However, to me, this is what stands out and haven't read it anywhere else. You edublogger can be trusted, if there are another publications that show you are one step ahead on writing

Anyone can set up a blog these days, so being published no longer has the cachet in and of itself which it once did. I’m interested in whether the blogger writes for websites other than her own, or has been published in a journal which either pays for articles or which has a system of peer review. That would give me even more confidence in what they have to say.

Ditto. As we like to write on Twitter.

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  1. Most of my favorite blogs are passionate and well-articulated. When they speak on a topic, they have a clear rationale, and they're not just saying what everyone else is saying. And if they are, then they're saying it in a way I didn't see before. I don't need to agree with everything I'm reading, but I like to know that it's well thought-out.

    Good writing is good writing.